Allergy & Red Eye

Seasonal eye allergies can range from mild to severe and may occur with a full package of respiratory allergy symptoms. Pollen, dust, pet hairs & smoke, environmental pollution are the most common causes for chronic and seasonal allergies that affect about 26 million Americans. Milder symptoms may affect as many as 40 million more. Eye allergy symptoms may include itching, tearing, red or pink eyes, increase sensitivity to bright light, eye lid swelling.

It may be best to see an eye specialist to determine if that’s really the problem. Itchy, burning eyes may be result of other conditions, such as dry eyes or a chronic inflammation of the eyelid.

Vernal keratoconjuntivitis (vernal catarrh)

Recurrent, bilateral, external, ocular inflammation affecting mostly young males. Common in warm dry climates. Patient feels intense ocular itching, excessive tearing, burning and foreign body sensation & photophobia. The corneal involvement may range from superficial punctuate keratopathy to macroerosions or shield like ulcers.

Atopic keratoconjuntivitis

A rare but serious disease typically affecting patients with Atopic dermatitis, hay fever, asthma & migraine. Clinical features are similar to vernal keratoconjuntivitis, yet more chronic and severe. May cause visual impairment due to keratopathy.


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