Allergic Rhinitis / Lowcost American Novels


Inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane.


Allergy may be defined as a state of altered response of the body to various foreign substances, which are harmless to the majority of individuals.

Actiology of Allergic Rhinitis

Exciting cause of an allergy is an allergen (which may or may not be detectable). There are certain predisposing causes, which are as follows:

  • Heredity
  • Age (Usually starts in the first decade and then continues)
  • Sex (Females are more affected)
  • Race (Jews are more prone to it)
  • Endocrine factors (Puberty, Marital status, Menopausal condition)


  • Inhalants e.g. pollens, hair, feathers, wool, etc.
  • Ingestants e.g. egg, fish, cabbage, aspirin, sulphonamides.
  • Infectants e.g. liver extracts, penicillin, insulin, bacteria.
  • Infestants e.g. intestinal worms.
  • Physical agents e.g. sudden change of temperature, sunlight.
  • Psychological factors e.g. fear, anxiety.

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